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  • Jim Spigener
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    Jim Spigener
    Jim Spigener Chief Client Officer

    Jim Spigener has helped hundreds of companies globally to design, prepare, and implement successful safety solutions at every organizational level, from the C-suite to shop-floor personnel.

    “As a senior leader of an organization, your priority should be protecting your employees who have loved ones depending on them, the way you would want your loved ones protected.”

    Jim is a seasoned executive coach with over three decades of experience helping senior leaders in companies worldwide demonstrably improve their individual impact on organizational safety. He has coached hundreds of C-suite executives from Fortune 500 companies, developing their leadership skills and partnering with them to create custom strategies for safety excellence and culture change.

    Among his most notable successes, Jim trained and coached one global manufacturing company’s top 300 executives. His work helped their executive teams develop strategies that made a step change in safety performance and developed a high-performing culture. The result was a significant drop in fatalities and recordable lost-time injuries.

    Jim is a highly requested speaker and has presented at countless conferences on topics that include, “How to Develop a High-Performing Culture,” “The Role of the C- Level Executive in Safety,” and “Fatality Prevention,” among others. He has authored texts, as well as articles that have been published in a variety of industry and trade journals.

    Prior to joining DEKRA, Jim worked as superintendent of fire, security, and safety for a Fortune 500 chemical firm where he developed, implemented, and coordinated its behavior-based safety process. Additionally, Jim developed operator and supervisory training programs, and was the company’s internal organizational development resource for self-directed work teams. Jim is a former steward of the United Steelworkers of America.

    Jim is passionate about safety education and is actively involved with developing DEKRA seminars like “Leading with Safety,” “Enhancing Supervisor Effectiveness in Safety,” among others. He is an active member of his community in Houston and serves on the board of the Haas Beens organization and INGAA. Jim is also a current member of the Conference Board and has held a leadership role on their Chief Safety Officer council.

  • David Musgrave
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    David Musgrave
    David Musgrave Vice president

    David leads DEKRA’s Brain-Centric Reliability™ group with a focus on creating effective Human Performance Reliability through applied neuroscience. Getting work done ‘right the first time’ through a systemic approach includes designing and enhancing workplaces and processes, and developing human performance capabilities, all with the human brain in mind.

    “My goal is to develop leaders, teams, and organizations and to further reduce their exposure related to human performance error at work, at home, and on the road. Executing critical tasks correctly every time requires some applied science.”

    David's clients tangibly benefit from his extensive experience in sustainable safety improvement through leadership development, cultural and operational reliability analyses, and human error reduction through applied and embedded knowledge of the brain. As a trusted advisor and master facilitator, he has designed and implemented change initiatives around the world that have helped numerous large companies achieve set performance targets in Dubai, South Africa, Australia, the UK, Norway, Canada, and the United States. David maintains that, no matter the location, the human brain operates in predictable ways that can be harnessed to drive "right first time" work, yielding a safe result every time.

    Before joining DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability, David led brain-centric consulting teams –where he found success cultivating world-class organizational performance through the application of psychology and applied neuroscience, and before that, he focused on clinical psychotherapeutic and diagnostic work with brain impaired (i.e., fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) and autism spectrum disorder diagnosed children. Designing environments and processes that foster success has been David's focus for the past 18 years.

    David is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Association for Talent Development.

    He holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Calgary and a bachelor’s degree in psychology (industrial organizational focus) from Saint Mary’s University. He resides in Florida with his wife, and two children.

  • Don Groover
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    Don Groover
    Don Groover General manager

    For over three decades, Don Groover has helped hundreds of clients from a wide range of industries worldwide prepare for and implement successful change systems.

    “My mission is to help our clients exceed their objectives and help organizations create cultures where an injury-free career is a realistic outcome.”

    With over 40 years of experience in safety, Don works with senior executives and leadership teams to develop a deep understanding of the current state of the organization’s approach to exposure identification and control. He then helps them develop strategic change initiatives based on the underlying concepts found in the Leading with Safety® approach.

    Don regularly provides expert safety mentoring and safety leadership coaching to senior executives, including the C-Suite. He has coached hundreds of leaders in organizations ranging from domestic railroad operations to multinational chemical corporations. He is a frequent and highly rated speaker at national and international conferences, and at company events, presenting on subjects ranging from attributes of world-class safety to fatality prevention and leveraging safety to trigger culture change.

    Among his accomplishments, Don co-authored the book, The Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety (Safety in Action Press, 2012) and has contributed to several other books, including Leading with Safety, by Thomas R. Krause (Wiley-Interscience, 2005), The Zero Index, by Colin Duncan (Safety in Action Press, 2012), Modern Industrial Hygiene, Volume 3 (ACGIH® 2011) and Safety Leadership and Professional Development (American Society of Safety Professionals, 2018).

    He has also authored or co-authored numerous articles that have appeared in Construction Safety News, Contingency Planning & Management, Safety and Health, Occupational Hazards, Occupational Health & Safety, Professional Safety, and Pulp & Paper.

    Don is a certified safety professional (CSP) and was a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) for over 25 years. He is a member of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, and the American Society of Safety Professionals. He holds master’s degrees in education from Wichita State University and environmental health sciences from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

    His areas of expertise include exposure control, executive safety mentoring, safety-driven culture change, Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) prevention, and change management.

  • Mike Mangan
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    Mike Mangan
    Mike Mangan VP, Solution development

    Michael Mangan, Ph.D., is Vice President of Solution Development for DEKRA Organizational Safety and Reliability (OSR). He is responsible for facilitating global thought leadership and generating new innovations across the organization.

    “What I love about my work is the opportunity to take valid, evidence-based research and apply it in practical ways to improve everyday safety on the shop floor.”

    As head of DEKRA OSR’s development of cutting-edge services, Mike and his team focus on finding new ways to reduce exposure in the workplace and improve client safety performance.

    With extensive experience as a business leader, trusted advisor and military officer, Mike brings to his work a diverse set of skills that has resulted in creating advanced culture and leadership assessment tools for both organizational safety and process safety.

    Among its accomplishments, this team has developed an integrated safety change process for first and second level operational leaders, new interventions targeting the reduction of Serious Injury and Fatality exposure in the workplace, and the Making Safe Decisions® solution, which employs the principles of neuroscience to enhance frontline worker defenses to reduce error and improve safety.

    He has worked with such government agencies as the Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, U.S. Marine Corps, and Amtrak. His private sector consulting includes clients in the chemicals, healthcare, metals, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, rail mass transit, and nuclear utilities industries.

    He has particular expertise in designing and implementing customized leadership assessment projects for such diverse organizations as a large office products manufacturer, a global aerospace company, and an international pharmaceutical company.

    Prior to joining DEKRA OSR (formerly BST), Mike led numerous competency modeling and culture change engagements, evaluating, for example, the transformation initiative of a large technology company’s sales leadership.

    A former platoon commander and battalion training officer in the United States Marine Corps, Mike holds a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Ohio University.

  • Rajni Walia
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    Rajni Walia
    Rajni Walia Vice president

    Rajni Walia is a senior leader within the Brain-Centric ReliabilityTM team at DEKRA OSR. This team provides leading-edge solutions incorporating the latest in applied behavior and neuroscience to help organizations achieve “right first time” results in safety performance and greater Human Performance Reliability.

    “My aim is to help create safer workplaces so that individuals worldwide can get home to their loved ones every working day of their career.”

    Rajni is a highly sought-after thought leader with over a decade of experience leading performance management, organizational assessment and development, and providing human error-reduction consultations. Her methods foster strong performance reliability through a systemic approach to designing and enhancing workplaces and processes, all deeply embedded in applied neuroscience.

    Rajni's clients benefit from her extensive experience in bringing about sustainable safety improvement through leadership development and operational reliability analyses, using applied and embedded knowledge of the brain. Her areas of expertise include extensive knowledge of neuroscience, fatigue risk management, high-reliability organizational strategies, business development, individual and organizational assessments, data analysis, and management of complex projects.

    Prior to joining DEKRA OSR, Rajni was a principal consultant for a major consultancy firm, where she served as an internal subject matter expert and thought leader. Collaborating with executive and senior leaders from a number of multi-national organizations, she focused on driving sustainable improvements and advancing process sustainability, with a focus on brain-centered solutions. She was instrumental in developing best practices for mental health awareness, employee wellbeing, workforce engagement, and change management. She also designed and delivered surveys and training programs to enhance client operations across all organizational levels within the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

    What drives Rajni’s consulting is the conviction that through the identification of needs and solutions founded in scientific research, clients can reduce the likelihood of human performance errors that can negatively impact the health and safety of workers.

    Rajni has written for several notable publications, including the Journal of Hospital
    Medicine, the International Public Health Journal, the Journal of Extra Corporeal
    Technology, the Journal of Healthcare Quality and Gerontology & Geriatrics Education.

    Rajni earned her PhD in applied organizational psychology from Hofstra University, her MA
    in industrial/organizational psychology from St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX, and her BA in psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Society of Safety Professionals, the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

  • Angelica Grindle
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    Angelica Grindle

    Angelica Grindle specializes in the application of behavioral science to improve workplace safety at all organizational levels. Her industry experience includes construction, mining, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, automotive, paper, and healthcare.

    “Empowering my clients to make their workplaces safer has always been my mission.”

    Angelica Grindle is Vice President, Client Engagement, within the Executive Consulting team at DEKRA OSR. This team focuses on projects dealing with culture change, serious injury and fatality (SIF) prevention, safety leadership development, increasing hourly-employee safety participation, and assessing and understanding the systems that influence exposure.

    As a Ph.D. level behavior analyst with two decades of experience, Angelica specializes in creating safety excellence through the application of behavioral science at all organizational levels. She guides organizations to tailor their change initiatives to their unique organizational needs and generate the support needed from key stakeholders to create change that is embraced and lasts.

    Angelica has published articles in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, the
    Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, and other publications. She also contributed to the book “The Values-Based Safety Process: Improving Your Safety Culture with Behavior- Based Safety” by DEKRA Executive Consultant Terry McSween.

    Angelica is a sought-after speaker at domestic and international forums and corporate events. She is the coordinator for the Behavioral Safety Now track at DEKRA OSR’s annual Safety in Action® Conference.

    She received both her Master’s in Industrial Psychology and her Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University.

  • Bruce Madsen
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    Bruce Madsen
    Bruce Madsen Vice president, Industrial ergonomics

    Bruce Madsen is an expert in industrial ergonomics and leads DEKRA OSR’s practice for addressing exposures contributing to soft tissue injuries. Bruce’s expertise is in mitigating orthopedic injuries in the workplace which helps organizations eliminate life-changing injuries and fatalities.

    “Getting people to correctly move bio-mechanically solves about 75 percent of all musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries at work. This really, really moves the needle in terms of controlling exposure.”

    For nearly 40 years, Bruce Madsen has served as one of the world’s foremost authorities on industrial ergonomics. He is the founder of Sports Therapy Associates, an injury prevention, risk reduction, peak performance, and safety ROI consulting firm in southern Oregon. Bruce created The Keen Eye Industrial Soft Tissue Solution, his branded system that assesses human movement joint by joint to show potential risks and how to minimize them.

    Sports Therapy Associates innovated the space of ergonomics in a range of industries: pulp and paper, timber, mining, oil and gas, utilities, metals and mining, construction, and warehousing. His clients have included Boeing, Nordstrom, Food Service of America, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, J.C. Penney, Nike, Costco, TNT United Truck Lines, and the U.S. Army, among many others.

    Madsen also has extended his practice to include professional sports franchises. He has worked with more than 250 National or World champion athletes to help them prevent or recover from soft tissue injuries. One athlete of note is A.C. Green, formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers, who achieved “Ironman” status by playing 14.5 years and 1,192 consecutive games without a lost time injury.

    Madsen has an undergraduate degree in psychology with emphasis in industrial and sports psychology from Portland State University. He is also a certified athletic trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the strength and conditioning profession around the world.

  • Byron Faust
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    Byron Faust
    Byron Faust Principal consultant

    Byron Faust is Practice Leader of DEKRA OSR’s Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) Prevention™ services. He helps clients achieve step-change improvements in safety performance while developing a culture that supports a zero-injury work environment.

    “Looking at Safety thru the lens of Potential vs. Actual outcomes changes everything.”

    Byron assists clients reduce their SIF exposure using a range of services that include assessment, governance, road mapping and action planning, organizational development/ change, integration of SIF into safety management systems, and keynote presentations on SIF Prevention. He has worked with clients in chemicals, construction, industrial & commercial machinery, lumber & wood products, mass transit, metals, mining, chemicals & petroleum, aviation, railroads, food processing, and utilities.

    An accomplished leadership coach, Byron works with senior leadership teams as well as individual leaders, in one-on-one sessions, to help them understand the impact of their leadership style on their ability to achieve organizational and safety objectives. He also guides governance teams to better manage interventions aimed at transforming the safety culture and reducing SIF exposure in large organizations.

    A skilled educator as well as a consultant, Byron leads workshops on SIF prevention, transformational leadership, and leadership practices essential for improving safety performance and organizational objectives.

    Among his accomplishments, Byron led an initiative at a large chemical plant that helped reduce recordable injury frequency by 63% over a two-year period. This included administering a safety culture survey and 360-degree leadership diagnostic instruments, conducting focus groups, providing analysis and recommendations, facilitating development of an action plan to improve safety, providing coaching to senior leaders, and conducting leadership development workshops for plant staff and supervisors.

    Byron also specializes in leading implementations utilizing DEKRA OSR’s Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention™ process. One notable example was a SIF assessment and exposure-reduction project in a ship-repair business that reduced SIF exposure 41% in one year.

    Prior to joining DEKRA OSR, Byron worked for more than 30 years for a global chemical company, where he served at various times as engineering manager, operations unit manager, site safety and human resources manager, business unit production and capital planning manager, business organizational development leader, and leader of strategic change teams. He has published internal reports on “The Discipline of Teams” and “Empowerment.”

    Byron holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas.

  • Colin Hubanks
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    Colin Hubanks
    Colin Hubanks Principal Consultant

    Colin Hubanks has over 25 years of experience managing and developing effective safety and environmental programs for a range of clients and industries. He provides invaluable hands-on knowledge to help clients achieve success with all their business objectives.

    “What I like best about my work is the partnership developed with leaders, seeing their transformation and the positive effect it has not only in their working life, but in their personal life as well.”

    Colin has pioneered environmental, health, and safety programs across several high-risk fields, including mining, manufacturing, and oil and gas. He has implemented customized systems and task-specific tools that led organizations to unprecedented success in safety. His guidance on behavior-based safety and root-cause analysis extends across employee levels and businesses.

    Since joining DEKRA OSR in May 2015, Colin has worked with clients in energy distribution, railroad, oil & gas, food services and the airline industry. All clients have seen dramatic improvement not just in injury reduction but also in their ability to “Lead with Safety”. This has been accomplished through in-field coaching for supervisors, leader-of-leader coaching for managers, and guiding governance teams.

    Previously, Colin was environmental health and safety manager for Weir SPM, the leading global manufacturer of high-performance refining equipment. Among his achievements, Colin dramatically reduced facility and in-the-field hazards with a targeted risk-assessment process. He executed a safety-warning program that quickly disseminates critical information across dispersed locations, triggering comprehensive countermeasures that assure employee wellbeing.

    Colin also founded executive-level committees that integrate safety strategy into broader business decisions. In one year at Weir, Colin lowered the incident rate by over seven points and brought the manufacturing and service centers to a record low in incidents.

    While leading safety in the mining industry, Colin marshaled inter-level safety teams that were responsible for notable improvements in safety practices. He championed programs that reduced lost time, fostered robust and productive feedback practices, and designed a detailed EHS framework for guiding sites to world-class performance.

    Colin earned a degree in business management, cum laude, from LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. He enjoys coaching youth sports, hunting, fishing, carpentry, and computers.

  • Garnett Payne
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    Garnett Payne
    Garnett Payne Senior consultant

    Garnett Payne, Ph.D., helps clients create a vision for their safety improvement process, then employs proven, behavioral-based technologies that result in significant change initiatives to control exposure and improve performance.

    “It’s very rewarding to build relationships with clients, to watch the growth of individuals and teams, and to feel that I played a role in their success.”

    A health and safety consultant for more than 25 years, Garnett is a specialist in ergonomic problem identification and solution design. She has helped develop several DEKRA OSR solutions, including BAPP® Approach to Ergonomics, Office BAPP®, and Behavioral Back Injury
    Prevention. Her research on safety in industry has been published in the journal Safety
    Science. Garnett has collaborated with such clients as Integrys and Tyson Foods to design and deliver ergonomics-focused leadership training and has also built teams of frontline workers to identify and control exposures contributing to soft-tissue injuries.

    Garnett worked with the Ergonomics Technology Corporation on the Ergonomics Risk
    Reduction Process — a partnership between the United States Postal Service, Occupational
    Safety & Health Administration and two national postal unions – on a project to reduce employee development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). She also delivered customized solutions to influence ergonomics-related injuries at companies including Boral, Eaton, and Tenneco, and Thyssen Krupp.

    Her experience covers a range of industries including foundries, auto manufacturing, utilities, airlines, rail transportation, intermodal operations, food manufacturing and freight operations. Clients that Garnett has worked with include BNSF, Integrys, Amtrak, YRC Freight, United Airlines and Tyson Foods. At Tyson she was lead consultant for multiple operations and a support consultant for several others, focused on developing governance structures, delivery of SafeAlign® system workshops and coaching leaders to perform safety best practices that demonstrate transformational leadership.

    Both a sought-after speaker and author, Garnett’s research and articles have been printed in many industry publications, and she has been invited to speak by the National Safety Council, American Society of Safety Engineers, and at the Ergonomics Exposition. Prior to joining DEKRA OSR, Garnett was an adjunct professor at Oakland University, Rochester, MI, and Macomb Community College, Clinton Township, MI, where she taught undergraduate occupational safety, ergonomics, and physical education courses.

    Garnett holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, and an M.A. in Fitness Management from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX. She has maintained a passion for fitness and has transitioned from helping companies promote wellness to consulting with leaders at every level on strategies to identify and control the exposures in their working environment.

  • Jacque Stack Cooney
    Speaker: Jacque Stack Cooney
    Jacque Stack Cooney
    Jacque Stack Cooney Vice president, Consulting leader

    Jacque Cooney is an accomplished leadership coach and engagement leader. She excels at transforming the safety cultures of her clients by designing intervention models that build on strengths and overcome barriers to excellent safety performance.

    “What I especially find rewarding is helping clients develop strategies to reduce and control exposure so everyone can be safer at work and at home.”

    From the field operations to the corporate office, Jacque assesses client organizational cultures and safety climates in order to develop and implement solutions that achieve demonstrable improvements in their organizational functioning and safety performance.

    Through long-term relationships, Jacque helps clients achieve their organizational and safety goals. She has performed cultural assessments, conducted leadership development workshops, provided leadership coaching, and implemented behavior-based safety processes for clients in the automotive, chemical, food processing, mining, chemical, oil, paper, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, pipeline/transmission, plastics, and utilities industries.

    Jacque is an active contributor to developing new DEKRA technologies in leadership effectiveness and engagement of hourly workers. She also works with clients to develop their internal consultant teams to implement DEKRA technologies.

    Prior to joining DEKRA, Jacque worked several years at a major Midwest power and light company, serving as safety liaison to the company’s corporate learning center and developing numerous safety initiatives. She also served as an internal consultant responsible for training and guiding 12 of the power company’s BAPP® steering committees.

    Jacque holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources from Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, and a BA in Safety from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville.

  • Jim Heinzman
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    Jim Heinzman
    Jim Heinzman Principal Consultant

    Jim Heinzman is a safety professional, performance improvement coordinator, and practice leader for DEKRA’s Exposure Based Safety™ technology, supporting exposure-based safety, leadership development, and culture change processes.

    Jim is committed to leadership development and has a proven track record of producing extraordinary results. He conducts developmental workshops on safety best practices and leadership style elements for supervisors and managers, and advises and coaches leaders to help them support, improve, and sustain safety performance.

    Jim has a wealth of experience putting employee-driven, exposure-reduction safety processes into action, and has implemented DEKRA technology programs for clients in the chemicals, defense, manufacturing, railroad, and utilities industries.

    Using DEKRA and other diagnostic tools, Jim conducts assessments of his clients’ organizational cultures, safety climates, and safety systems. He uses the results to inform his design of interventions and provide a valuable baseline for assessing performance improvement.

    Among his accomplishments, Jim has developed and led several human performance improvement projects that dramatically changed organizational culture. One project in particular resulted in a 50 percent reduction in human performance-related events within the first six months of the implementation.

    Jim presents extensively on exposure-based safety topics at national and regional conferences, for audiences that include representation of all organizational levels—from C- suite executives to craft workers.

    Before DEKRA, Jim was a performance improvement coordinator with a nuclear and fossil-fueled energy company. There, he developed, mentored, and coached site supervisors and managers at every level on how to implement error reduction techniques and improve performance within all departments.

    Jim earned an MBA from Baker College, and a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Thomas Edison College.

  • Larry R. Russell, CSP
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    Larry R. Russell, CSP
    Larry R. Russell, CSP Principal Consultant

    As a Principal Consultant at DEKRA OSR, Larry Russell has trained nearly 300 internal consultants from more than 700 sites around the world. His background and experience enable him to consult on such varied fields as Motor Vehicle Safety, Serious Injury and Fatality prevention and the developing discipline of Brain-Centric Reliability.

    “My goal is to make safety so practical that people will use the tools we share with them to lead safer lives.”

    Larry has helped many of the world’s largest chemical, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, pharmaceutical, and agriculture companies improve their internal practices in ways that strengthen workplace safety.

    As a manager of internal consulting, Larry has been involved in the selection, training, and coaching of client consultants for more than 27 years. He has planned and implemented timelines and schedules for projects involving up to 70 sites within a single organization. His work has taken him to Mexico, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Belgium, and Thailand.

    Larry’s expertise in safety management consulting includes Behavior Based Safety, Exposure Based Safety, Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) Prevention, and the application of Brain-Centric Reliability to Motor Vehicle Safety.

    He has authored or co-authored numerous articles on employee involvement and incident investigation for industry and trade journals. In addition, he contributed material on incident investigation to two books: “Employee-Driven Systems for Safe Behavior,” and “Current Issues in Behavior-Based Safety.”

    He developed DEKRA OSR’s Behavioral Driving Safety Model, created Brain Centric Reliability Driving Safety Modules, and served on the consultant team that developed DEKRA’s Exposure-Based Safety™ Process.

    Larry holds a Master of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Murray State University, Murray, KY, and a Bachelor’s degree in Safety Education from the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK.

    He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and a Professional Member of both the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) and the National Safety Council (NSC).

  • Lindsey Johnson
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    Lindsey Johnson

    Lindsey Johnson is the Director of Sales and Marketing for the technology division within the Consulting Service Organization at DEKRA North America. She focuses on providing cutting edge technology to a variety of companies and industries across North America to help with their safety programs and processes.

    “What I love about my job is learning about a company’s safety processes to help them create a digitized platform to reduce risk and exposure, resulting in a safer workplace.”

    Lindsey Johnson is part of the sales team at DEKRA North America. She is responsible for technology sales within the Consulting Service Organization, specifically for the Safety Management System division.

    Lindsey started at DEKRA North America as a Marketing Specialist and she has been involved with both marketing and sales operations throughout her career.

    In her current role, Lindsey gathers information from client demonstrations to best identify client needs of reducing risk and tracking safety data. From these demonstrations she understands the company processes and structure in more detail as well as their concerns. This allows her to propose the best technology solution customized to fit the company’s requests, resulting in a long-lasting partnership.

    Lindsey graduated from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics. She also holds a minor in Animal Sciences and Industry and a specialty in Marketing. Her combined experience helps her navigate different industries and issues as they arise during the sales process so she can deliver the best service to each unique company.

  • Lisa Morley
    Speaker: Lisa Morley
    Lisa Morley
    Lisa Morley Principal Consultant

    Lisa Morley is a master trainer and program manager. She designs and implements leadership development and employee engagement systems that help clients achieve demonstrable improvements in organizational functioning and safety performance.

    “Helping to set others up for success in safety is my absolute passion and gives me my greatest joy.”

    Lisa is an accomplished leadership coach and a highly effective educator. She conducts classes on the foundational elements of BAPP® technology for frontline workers, presents leadership development workshops to supervisors and middle managers, and coaches senior leaders on management practices to support and sustain better safety performance.

    Among her accomplishments in 12 years with DEKRA OSR, Lisa led implementation of a change process for a leading fertilizer company that transformed the organization from a 30-year-old system of top-down management to shared ownership of leadership down to the shop floor. Her work with a mining client focused on transforming the leadership culture from transactional to transformational by creating and implementing a Leadership Academy. These transformative results were the focus of a case study, available for viewing on our website.

    Lisa has been involved in major long-term client projects for clients in passenger and freight railroads, subway and bus transportation, food manufacturing, processing and packing, metals manufacturing, electric and gas utilities, freight transportation, integrated energy, industrial equipment rentals, explosives and blasting systems. She brings superior coaching skills to her work with all levels of organizations. One large team project has so far resulted in a 72% reduction in injury rates over a three-year period.

    In addition to her work with clients, Lisa was DEKRA OSR’s practice leader for the SafeAlign® system. In this role, she ensured high-quality application, interpretation, and customization of the system, as well as the protection of its validity, reliability, and intellectual property, including monitoring the certification, training, and coaching of consultants responsible for delivering this product to clients. Lisa also leads DEKRA OSR’s BAPP® Facilitator Skills and Managing an Existing Process workshops. These workshops bring together BAPP® facilitators from several client organizations to share experiences, develop skills, provide networking opportunities and ensure each implementation is led by a knowledgeable and effective facilitator.

    Recently, Lisa has been assigned as an SME and Master Trainer for DEKRA OSR’s Brain-Centric Reliability System™, which draws on applied neuroscience and high-performance reliability principles to institute new brain-aligned defenses to reduce exposures in our workplaces.

    Lisa earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.

  • Luis Sanchez, Ph.D.
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    Luis Sanchez, Ph.D.
    Luis Sanchez, Ph.D. Vice President/Executive consultant

    Luis Sanchez excels at leading large-scale culture change initiatives. He works with global clients to reshape their safety climates by designing effective behavior-based safety systems and leadership development processes based on their needs.

    For over two decades, Dr. Luis Sanchez has been leading large-scale culture change initiatives. He works with global clients to redefine the focus of their safety systems so that the focus is on exposure identification and control. He has worked across a wide variety of industries and is currently aligned with projects in construction, transportation, and utilities.

    Dr. Sanchez has extensive experience in all areas of organizational functioning from design and development to implementation and evaluation of performance improvement interventions at every organizational level to support stronger safety outcomes. A skilled and passionate educator, he coaches and facilitates workshops on the prevention of Serious Injury and Fatality, the concepts of Behavior Accident Prevention Process®(BAPP®) technology, Exposure Reduction Process and SafeAlign® Technology, technology which targets improvements on transformational leadership skills and safety best practices for leaders.

    Dr. Sanchez also has extensive experience implementing technical as well as professional and organizational development solutions, including competency performance processes.

    Currently a Vice-President Executive Consultant at DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability, Dr. Sanchez was previously a consultant at DEKRA Process Safety where his work focused on helping clients prevent catastrophic incidents such as fires, explosions, and chemical releases. He has also been an entrepreneur, establishing training organizations in Mexico and Brazil. He has 12 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry, where he was a foundry plant manager, and nine years of experience as a corporate performance improvement consultant, facilitator, and instructional system designer (GM Pro-Trainer) servicing several major manufacturing companies.

  • Matt Hargrove
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    Matt Hargrove
    Matt Hargrove Principal Consultant

    Matt is a leader within the Brain-Centric Reliability Team focusing on providing leading-edge solutions incorporating the latest in applied behavior and neuroscience and connecting them to organizations to help them achieve “right first time” results in safety performance and greater Human Reliability Performance.

    “I aim to maximize the performance of people through education, identification of needs, and developing and implementing solutions founded in scientific research that reduce the likelihood of human performance errors that can negatively impact the health and safety of workers.”

    Matt Hargrove is a principal consultant with the DEKRA whose work is dependent upon connecting people with systems, processes and capabilities that are most effective in accounting for hazards related to the human brain. Matt’s clients benefit from his extensive expertise in applied safety management, human factors and applied behavioral psychology and neuroscience resulting in increased human performance reliability.

    Working across all organizational levels, from the front line to the C-Suite, Matt conducts assessments, develops and coaches leaders, and implements critical solutions for organizations of all sizes across a variety of industries including oil and gas, chemical and automotive manufacturing. His leadership and coaching provides key leaders with the necessary tools to maximize performance of their front-line workers, enhance and transform culture, reduce human performance error and lead organizations to increased performance in safety, quality, and operational reliability.

    Matt has provided these solutions on a global scale for multiple Fortune 100 organizations, leading them to sustainable world class performance. His work has spanned the U.S., Canada, Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For the last nine years he has worked as a performance consultant primarily in the oil and gas industry leading the world’s largest drilling operators.

    Prior to his tenure with DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability (OSR), Matt worked as a research psychologist focusing on researching and developing practical solutions to increase positive safety behavior related to alcohol consumption and driving, as well as supporting large organizational assessments and solutions for workforce and culture development for the U.S. Navy. He also worked as an HSE practitioner in warehousing, heavy metals and automotive manufacturing leading multiple organizations to increased safety performance through focus on people and developing a culture that accounts for the human factor.

    Matt holds a Master of Science degree in psychology with a concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from The University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Virginia Tech. He lives near Memphis, Tennessee with his wife and two kids.

  • Michael Snow
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    Michael Snow
    Michael Snow Executive Consultant

    Michael Snow is a senior safety leader who has spent more than 30 years creating, advancing, and sustaining safety strategies in the agribusiness sector. He is widely respected for his ability to direct strategic consulting and coaching at the senior level for global organizations invested in instituting proactive and preventative safety plans at multiple sites and at multiple levels.

    Michael Snow is a safety leader who specializes in senior level strategic consulting and coaching. His specialties include SIF Exposure Mitigation and Strategy, in-field coaching, conducting strategy sessions and workshops, as well as conducting the Organizational Culture Diagnostic Instrument (OCDI). His experience is in partnering with all levels of company personnel—from the shop floor to the C-Suite—to reduce the pool of exposure and ensure increasing levels of safety performance.

    At DEKRA, Michael has experience in the utility sector where he conducted sessions with organization leaders to debrief on the Leadership Diagnostic Instrument and develop action plans.

    For the bulk of Michael’s career he served as an industrial leader at Bunge North America, a U.S. agribusiness and food ingredient company dedicated to improving the global food supply chain, where his responsibilities covered a broad range of duties including safety. During his tenure at Bunge North America, Michael served as Vice President of Industrial Management where he managed a team of eight that provided industrial leadership for 4,500 employees in 120 sites throughout Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. In that role he spearheaded the pursuit of a zero incident safety culture and served as the North American representative to the Global Productivity, Quality, Safety and Environmental Steering Committee.

    As the Senior Director of Global Safety for Bunge Limited, Michael was responsible for leading the creation, expansion and sustainment of the Global Safety Function for the benefit of its 32,000 workers, outside contractors, and the family members of each. Michael facilitated a team of global and regional CEOs to create, advance, and sustain a vision of safety. Through his work he implemented a uniform approach to key elements of safety across more than 300 sites all around the world.

    He conducted hundreds of site visits across 22 countries where he coached and inspired leaders both within the plant and at the senior level to advance their personal safety responsibility and ownership. In this role he served as an expert at shifting an organization’s focus from a reactive safety culture to one that emphasizes proactive action and prevention.

    Michael has a BS in Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

  • Steven Luttrull
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    Steven Luttrull
    Steven Luttrull Vice president

    Steven’s areas of expertise are developmental training, sustainable safety performance, leadership coaching, and incident investigations.

    “What I particularly like about my job is helping clients realize that they have the ability to impact safety at a level they never thought possible.”

    Steven Luttrull oversees complex, multi-site and multi-service interventions for Fortune 500 clients in the metals, mining, petroleum, transportation, and utilities industries.

    He has extensive experience as a consultant, occupational health and safety manager, and bioenvironmental engineering specialist. This combination of skills enables him to conduct diagnostic assessments of client organizational cultures and safety climates and to design and implement successful behavior-based safety processes, leadership development systems, and leadership coaching strategies.

    Steven provides training to frontline workers on the foundational elements of BAPP® technology, ergonomics, and incident investigation, as well as developmental training to supervisors and middle managers. For executives, managers, safety professionals and union representatives, Steven teaches the management and leadership practices essential to improving and sustaining high-level safety performance.

    Among his accomplishments, Steven managed a comprehensive safety intervention across a major aluminum producer’s U.S. organization. This multi-tiered intervention included organizational cultural assessments, behavior-based safety process implementation, supervisory skills development, and leadership coaching at numerous sites.

    Steven is also an experienced leadership coach who has provided safety leadership and professional development coaching to individuals at every organizational level, from CEOs to first-line supervisors.

    In addition to his work with clients, Steven manages and trains the DEKRA consultants who support strategic initiatives and deliver services that expand applications of BAPP® technology in safety and leadership. He is also active in the development of DEKRA’s technologies. He led the development of the SafeAlign® system, co-developed a course on observer calibration, and piloted DEKRA’s technology for fast-startup, behavior-based safety implementation.

    Prior to joining DEKRA, Steven served four years as a noncommissioned officer in the United States Air Force, working as a bioenvironmental engineering specialist.

    Steven holds a Masters in Leadership from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix and a Masters in Human Resources Management from Fort Hays State University in Kansas. He is SHRM-SCP certified.

  • Susan Murphy
    Speaker: Susan Murphy
    Susan Murphy
    Susan Murphy Principal Consultant

    Susan Murphy is a master trainer, partnering with clients to design and implement processes to enhance organizational functioning and improve safety performance.

    “The moment a leader grasps the importance of engaging employees on an emotional level, everything changes.”

    Susan has a broad range of experience implementing behavioral processes to enhance clients’ organizational culture and safety climate. She has worked with myriad private organizations as well as government agencies including Amtrak, the United States Marine Corps, and TVA. She often works in union environments and is experienced in uniting management and unions to collectively support safety-driven culture change initiatives.

    A dynamic educator, she conducts classes on the foundational elements of BAPP® technology and incident investigation for frontline workers. She also facilitates leadership development workshops for supervisors and middle managers, and teaches management skills and essential leadership practices to senior leaders. Susan is a skilled coach equally adept at working with senior leaders and frontline supervisors to enhance their safety leadership capabilities.

    Among her notable successes, Susan worked with two nuclear plants to implement a behavioral safety process to recognize and mitigate exposures during month-long outages. For the first time in their history, both plants completed these
    high-exposure events with zero recordable injuries.

    In addition to her work with clients, Susan has been instrumental in developing DEKRA's Behavior-Based Quality Improvement process technology.

    She has spoken widely on behavior-based safety, injury prevention, ergonomics, and stress management at national and regional conferences for groups like the ASSE, VPPPA, and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering.

    Prior to joining DEKRA, Susan worked as a director and consultant in the field of corporate wellness, working to identify and modify high-risk or unhealthy behaviors. She also served as an adult health and wellness instructor for four years in the California Community College System.
    Susan holds a master of education degree from the University of Houston.

  • Sylvester Mayo
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    Sylvester Mayo
    Sylvester Mayo Principal Consultant

    As a behavior-based safety coordinator, mediator, educator and industrial electrician, Sylvester Mayo has over 30 years of experience overseeing the training and coaching of individuals and teams in safety, total process management, and dispute resolution.

    "I used to believe safety was an enigma wrapped in a riddle that could not be solved. Now I know continuous safety improvement is not only possible but how to make it happen.”

    Sylvester specializes in the practical application of performance management and the behavioral sciences to the challenges his clients face. He does this while listening to critical stakeholders and incorporating their inputs into his guidance to their search for solutions.

    Since joining DEKRA OSR in 2013, he has served clients in light and heavy rail, airlines, trucking, oil & gas, poultry processing, and general utilities. At a North Carolina utility, Sylvester was part of a team that assessed their safety systems and their overall behavioral safety process. The company implemented all six of the team’s recommendations and achieved significant improvements in safety outcomes.

    A retired steelworker, he was Vice President of the Virginia AFL-CIO. He has also worked as a field investigator with the National Labor Relations Board and has extensive experience in labor-management relations.

    Prior to joining DEKRA OSR, Sylvester spent 30 years working in heavy manufacturing, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting electrical and electronic equipment. He was responsible for forming Rapid Intervention Teams to identify potential issues and plan preventive maintenance, using the principles and tools of preventive maintenance and 5’S. The intervention raised the percent of manufacturing uptime from 68 to 92 percent.

    Sylvester has extensive experience training people across a variety of fields and subject matters. While working fulltime, he was an adjunct instructor at Danville, VA, Community College and Euohn, VA, Christian College, where he taught ethics and helped improve student retention through orientation, skill assessment, and learning strategies.

    A skilled mentor, mediator, published author, and industry speaker, Sylvester is a retired Marine company gunnery sergeant, having served 15 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and Reserves.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from Averett University, Danville, VA, and is a certified mediator, family counselor, and volunteer firefighter.